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Cathedral of Menorca, Ciutadella

Seascape, Menorca

Es Castell, Menorca

Side chapel, Cathedral of Menorca, Ciutadella

More from the Gower (6 images)

From the same Easter weekend walk as my previous Worm’s Head post….

Panormos, Crete

The Worm’s Head

Elleray Hall, Teddington

Decline of the Libanus Chapel, Cwmbrwla, Swansea (8 images)

The Libanus Chapel, in Swansea, was built in 1906 during the Christian non-conformist revival led by Evan Roberts in south Wales in the early part of the last century.  Whilst the revival was… Continue reading

Another visit to the Tate (7 images)

A set of pictures of people looking at pictures…

Tate Britain

Westminster Abbey

Poor Sue Minister

Waterloo Station

Clearing fog


The body shop

Courtyard of the Louvre

Bushy Park, London

Mixed messages

Parliament Square, London

South Bank

Millbank and the Thames

White steps

Mother and child

No parking


View from Westminster Bridge

School outing

I didn’t even know that school uniforms could look like this any more.  My children’s certainly don’t.

Gordon’s Wine Bar

Villiers Street, London


Yawning, not singing.

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