This site is dedicated to my brother Daniel, a talented photographer and writer who died suddenly and much, much too soon, on 20 September 2012.

Whilst at university and afterwards in the 1980s he travelled widely and adventurously, setting his sights on a career in documentary and travel photography.  Even in the days when photojournalism was thriving in the print media, it was hard to break into.  He funded his trips abroad working the pavements and celebrity doorsteps of London on behalf of various press and picture agencies.

Over time, travelling extensively on tiny budgets, he built up both a portfolio of published features and a sustainable living.  In the late 1990s he moved permanently to Thailand. There he established himself as a photographer, writer and, occasionally, editor, producing and publishing material from all over south-east Asia and further afield. And when he wasn’t travelling, he was generally to be found in his regular corner of the bar of the Foreign Correspondents’ Club in Bangkok.

Sadly, I lost control of his old website domain recently, and I don’t know how to get it back. But I have a copy of the site and will be trying to get it online again when I get the chance.

Dan at the Thai new year water festival. Image by his friend James Robert Fuller.



  1. Hi Matt. A touching way to commemorate someone. I like your photographs. Following. Best wishes, V.

  2. Thank you. I’m really glad you think so. I miss him very much.

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