About Matt White

Photography is one of the things I do for pleasure when I’m not earning money.  I am absorbed by the process of making photographs.   I experiment with different styles; I try to emulate the things I admire in the work of others; and occasionally I make a distinctive image.

This is what this blog is about: it has no higher purpose than to be a vanity display of the random, theme-less output of a keen amateur photographer.

I’ll be adding photos – some old , and some new – as the mood takes me.

And maybe – just maybe – it will be worth a few minutes of your time.  I hope so.

Matt White
November 2012

PS: I have more photos at my Flickr page, here – some overlap with this blog, but a larger, more untidy, less selective collection.


  1. Thanks for checking out my blog! I like your photography philosophy and am looking forward to seeing your work, er…relaxation. 😉

  2. You do really great work! Very intriguing subjects.

  3. Thanks for the follow, Matt!

  4. Gorgeous site Matt. Will take me some time to browse your lovely work.

  5. High quality photographs, and an honest purpose….definitely worth huge amounts of time !

  6. Impressive images and site. You have some stunning mono work here. Adrian

  7. Like your photo style and will be returning to check out your future posts.

  8. Great images Matt
    Thank you for dropping by and taking he time to read and follow my blog

  9. Very good work. Very happy to have stumbled across you!

  10. Matt, love your black and white renditions.

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